“Won’t somebody please think of the children!!!”

Dear family men and women everywhere.

Ever been stuck in a depressing job which you wonder is going anywhere? Ever been stuck in a job where you’re unhappy, desperate to leave every day? Ever been stuck in a job where you feel ethically compromised?

And if ever being in this situation have you found it difficult to leave? Worried about losing financial security, what your friends will think, and so forth?

And if you have children, “won’t somebody please think of the children!” So sayeth the famous quote from Helen Lovejoy in The Simpsons.

You may argue to quit your terrible job and look for something more invigorating is a bad example to your children. You may say that your children should not want for anything and be showered in an array of material riches. And another parent may remark who cares if I’m doing an unethical job, what matters to me is my family: first and foremost.

But here are some thoughts. You stay in your job: and your children see a parent who will only do what is necessary for their material survival. These children grow up to follow this inclination: they become accountants, lawyers and doctors – but their heart isn’t in it. And they then do the same to their children. Or, continuing in your job doing the absolute bare minimum – because it’s all you feel motivated to do -, again 5 years later, you get made redundant by your employer who is seeking to increase productivity. Or, perhaps, you get high blood pressure from all the stress your unsatisfactory job is causing you. Your misery begins to affect your home life, seeping in like contagion….

Let me tell you about a parent: a very famous woman who one day came up with an idea – a magnificent idea that would one day flourish into one of the world’s greatest literary creations. That idea took seed in the woman’s mind, she nourished it, took care of it, until one day it grew into a mighty flower. And all starting from one idea, one thought, which came into her mind.

That woman’s name was JK Rowling, a single mother who brought us Harry Potter – one of the world’s most loved fictional characters into being. If this parent – and so many others like her – can bring her dream into being, then so can you, nd help your children in the bargain.

Yours sincerely




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