A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms

My fellow citizens. We live in a time where we, as individuals of various ethnicities and cultures, are obliged to live and co-operate together: in the workplace, as friends and so on.

But I issue a warning. While there is great potential for humans of various different groups to pull together their knowledge in order to create a better future, there is a danger that we will be struck down as we stand, picked off to serve another, smaller, group’s objectives.

I say this because there is a level above the globe’s patchwork cultures and societies. And for those who think they know what I’m going to say, I’m not referring to the illuminati, or the corporations. It doesn’t matter what name is used, or the minute characteristics ascribed to those in charge (those claiming blood sucking rituals take note); because, ultimately, at this point it doesn’t matter. We can solely look at the obvious destructive effects on our world of our current top down society. Just what has been done to the world and its people in the past 100 years – what we can read in the New York Times. We don’t need to argue at this point about the specifics or get tangled up in details – for that is playing into their hands.

For as I said theirs is a small group: a ruling class few in number and lacking in any real strength. Their fortitude lies in delusions, lies and smoke and mirrors. They cannot control the population through physical force alone – but through psychological, insidious means. One way this can be done is via divide and conquer – an extremely effective strategy that has been employed throughout the ages to control the masses.

For example, the British Isles in 1900 controlled one quarter of the globe and its population despite having only around 2% of the world’s people. One nation it controlled was India. In the sub continent different Indian states were played off against each other in order to advance British rule. Those who co-operated with the British were rewarded for their betrayal of fellow Indians. Once in charge the British systematically extorted natural and human resources from India in order to feed the British economy. Industrialisation was discouraged with India being kept in a purposeful state of backwardness. Britain in essence acted as a parasite leaving the vast majority of Indians in misery and servitude to their colonial rulers.

And as it is today between the elite and the “rest”.  Examples of obvious contemporary problems made worse by the governing elite include gross income inequality, rampant tax evasion, third world enslavement, austerity, and inequality of certain individuals and organisations before the law. If we are the unsuspecting cat sleeping in a soft basket, then they are the fleas silently sucking on our blood, draining us of our energy and vitality.

And as through history, we make it worse for ourselves. We accentuate the differences between each other rather than reveling in our common humanity and shared destiny. Middle class westerners fear the Muslim threat, Muslims hate the Jews, and Atheists and the Religious hate each other. And on and on it goes. By focusing on the worst of every group we stand apart from each other, as those from above are allowed to continue profiting at our own expense.

But how about this? How about we do focus on our common humanity and shared destiny? We can all agree on things like a love of friends and family, a desire for a peaceful life, a desire to be healthy, a desire to live without undue interference from others. We all want the best for our children going into the future.

So let’s knuckle down to business and GET on with it! All of us, of various different creeds can agree on these points. Let’s stop bickering about superficial differences – such as politics, race or religion – and sort out the major dangers immediately faced to us ALL by our current masters. And then, only then, can we get round to the business of thinking about everything else.

I repeat the headline: a call to arms: stand and unite against our oppressors. As the old saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall. Don’t let history repeat itself.


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